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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

【20160621】Army Navy Imago with Darling

Army Navy, Imago ♡ I come here before, but visit take a look only and leave. Today finally can sit, order food and eat :3 I want to try chicken burrito so badly because of the movie Battleship ♡ The couple can be together because of chicken burrito :3 SO SWEET ♡ So I just curious what the taste like...I can't find it in Perth and I don't know why. So KK got already, why not I go there and try, right? :3

♡ With Darling ♡

♡ Quite delicious ♡

♡ Belong to Darling ♡

♡ Chicken Burrito (♡.♡) I LOVE IT!!! ♡
I want come again next time!! 

♡ Waiting for our food ♡

♡ Logo is so cool ♡

♡ Itadakimasu ♡

♡ Darling bring jacket and cover me :3 I feel your warm heart ♡

♡ I want come here next time!!! ♡

Monday, June 20, 2016

【20160620】I can't wait to try this shampoo

I really had fun when I review those beauty product :3 That's why I got interesting to promote all the nice beauty product on my Youtube. I love to see my view getting increase. I love to see LIKE getting increase. I love to see my subscribers getting increase ♡  Another seller want me to promote their product, which I really want it and try it out.

♡ Anyone of you if want me to help you promote your product,
please wechat me: sylviaeaster ♡ 

♡ I can't wait to try this shampoo ♡

♡ New video ♡

Sunday, June 19, 2016

【20160619】 My foot look like a baby - Classic Padicure ♡

It's pedicure time ^^ Thanks Sora tag me and Wasabie during Maniqure BFF Tag Promotion ♡ We already make appointment by last week. Before the appointment, we go to find the sample nail art and I found a cute hello kitty nail art, it look super cute ♡ so I decide to try this! I already done my gel manicure, so today I want to try Classic pedicure :) So now I have manicure and pedicure done and my life is complete ♡

♡ My foot look like a baby ♡

♡ Wasabie watching youtube and do medicure at the same time ♡

♡ Sora nail art is hello kitty X Japan version. 
Go see her nail in the Maniqure FB page now ♡

♡ Relaxing ♡

♡ Darling and Junsho waited for hours ♡
But they are quite enjoy at Maniqure salon, because here is so clam and relax

♡ Lunch after the nail done ♡

♡ Thanks for the dinner at Darling's house ♡

♡ Thanks Darling's mum prepare fruits ♡

♡ Happy Father's Day ♡

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