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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

【20160209】Lion dance come to house ^__^ Darling give ang pao

I feel so sleepy after take breakfast on this morning today lol. And realize that I didn't drink coffee wonder I feel so damn sleep lah XD I feel great and energize after drink my coffee before go to Coffee bean with Darling :3  I fall in love with Coffee Bean drinks now ♡ I will come back again next time.

Meet junbie and take our lunch together and chit chat today. Me and Darling want to watch Deadpool tomorrow :) I feel excited and can't wait to watch it, I hope it have many funny scene XD I love to laugh, funny and humor ~ !

♡ Lion dance come to house ^__^ Darling give ang pao ♡

♡ Tong Tong Qiang ♡

♡ Another cute lion dance by kid XD CUTE ♡

♡ Breakfast ♡

♡ Enjoy my drinks at Coffee Bean ♡

♡ Selfie while red light ♡

♡ Since when Darling look handsome and cute ^/////^ ♡

♡ Left belong to me, right is belong to Darling ♡

♡ Neko couple meet Junsbie ^____^ ♡

♡ Our lunch ♡

♡ Dinner with Darling's family :) Thanks for invite me ♡

♡ Booking movie tickets :) Couple seat of cos :3 ♡

Monday, February 8, 2016

【20160208】 HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2016 ^_____^


Super super loud fireworks last night ~ ! I awake from sleep XD Fireworks is loud...enjoy the firework with Darling at the window like 1 hour like that, and I go back to sleep :3 We go to cousin's house 拜年 in the next day ~ and take many ang pao :) Did you guys take many ang pao today?  Don't forget take many photo with family and friends ok.

I feel great today :) meet Darling's relatives and chit chat. They say me look like a doll and ask Darling where do he find a girl like me lol ~ XD Well, I think I'm look like a aunty and fat haha. Btw, I take many ang pao today ^___^ I take a short nap after  拜年 today. A bit tired oh...hehehe.

♡ Darling's family ~ 新年快乐,恭喜发财,身体健康 ♡

♡ The happy couple :3 ♡

♡ Family photo ♡

♡ Take photo first before leave :) ♡

♡ I love this cake :3 ♡

♡ 汤圆 ♡

♡ Breakfast ♡

♡ Lete's eat :) ♡

♡ Lion dance :) ♡

♡ Enjoy ♡

♡ A gift from Darling's relative... ♡

♡ ....which is from USA ♡

Sunday, February 7, 2016

【20160207】 Chinese New Year Eve ♡

CNY is around the corner, me and Darling wear red t-shirt together and go to lunch :3 I ask him where we going, he said he don't know ^^" and ask me back where we going. How do I know XD you are drive ~! haha!!!! A bit hungry now ^^ Darling bring me to Oceanus and take our lunch at Sagakura XD Very delicious Japanese food ever! ♡

After that, we go to Imago shopping :) Take photo with big monkey doll at imago ~ buy you char kueh and buy boost drinks :3 Thanks Darling bring jacket for me, cover me by your jacket, because I feel so cold in the shopping mall. And thanks Darling buy me a new eyeshadow and foundation powder as my Valentine gift :3 I love it so much! I can use for my makeup video next time ~ !

♡ On the way to Sagakura Japanese Food Restaurant ♡

♡ Darling order food now ♡

♡ Food is very delicious as usual XD ♡

♡ They will give you a hand towel when you dining here :) ♡

♡ Belong to Darling :3 ♡

♡ Belong to Darling, but he say we share :3 awwww I LOVE UNAGI ♡

♡ My food :3 I LOVE IT! SO DELICIOUS ♡

♡ Happy new year to everyone ♡

♡ Cute monkey :3 ♡

♡ We are Boost's fan ♡

♡ Yay! Ang pao from Boost ♡

♡ A bit tired now. Chilling here ♡

♡ Thanks Darling's mum give me Garfield bag and cat doll ^___^  ♡

♡ Darling help me take photo while I'm going to bath ♡

♡ I love this color ~ Thanks Darling ;3 I love it ♡

♡ Ramai-ramai ^___^ during CNY eve ♡

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