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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

【20160720】Useful tool ever :) ♡

Today I just upload a new video :) Unboxing and testing Selfie Ring Light ♡ Darling feel surprise that I get this. Because many people selling this thing in the internet. So, yea. You can watch my video in my Youtube now :)

♡ Useful tool ever :) ♡

♡ So many people ask me where to buy taobao stuff. 
I already put the link in the description, I think there's no one read it
So here it is. Please find YuMi's House (FB) She is Taobao agent ♡

♡ Testing the selfie ring light in my room

Left : switch on the light
right : What happen is I switch off the light

Light level 1

Light level 2

Light level 3

I think light level 1 is better and natural :) Who want to buy this selfie ring light. Please look for YuMi's House (FB)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

【20160719】Darling's hand like magical. Soft and warm me :3

Just upload a new video today :) I hope everyone like it. Today I go to out doing some important thing like usual. At the same, I go to meet my family and chit chat.  Tonight Darling come to my house and fine me :3 We go to The Walk (beside imago) visit the game shop and booking something (it's secret, I can't tell here) But we are very excited about that :)

After that we go to take dinner at Coffee Bean ♡

♡ Darling's hand like magical. Soft and warm me :3  ♡

♡ Visit this cat today :3 ♡

♡ Visit the game shop at The Walk ♡

♡ Darling help me order drinks for me ♡

♡ Belong to us ♡

♡ Itadakimasu ♡

♡ Found in FB XD HAHA ♡

Monday, July 18, 2016

【20160718】This lace is so pretty ♡

I want to try something different, which I never done that before. Is that take ootd photo like a model ;p Well, I'm super short and petite like very very very very short. And I'm chubby and fat. Haha. I can't imagine I take ootd photo and pretend I'm very tall XD  Well, These shirts are sponsor by Beautycus Fashion Outfit. Thanks for trusting me and send me so many outfit like every week. All are so pretty and nice.

♡ This lace is so pretty ♡

♡ I never try this before. But I kinda like it now :3 ♡

♡ Thanks for all the comment :) ♡

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