I will be there :) See ya

I will be there :) See ya

Sunday, November 29, 2015

【20151129】Wasabie's Photoshoot ~ yay!!!

Today is Wasabie's photoshoot day by Naomi ❤ I wake up so early and go to breakfast at Likas with Darling. And meet wasabie before 9:30AM. I tapao 3 Mee Tuaran for Wasabie, Junsho and Naomi. Just in case, you guys hungry after the photoshoot. You're welcome :) Btw, Thanks for the 4 pack maggie from Wasabie XD muack! However, we wish Wasabie have a beautiful and wonderful photoshoot ❤ Yay!

After Photohoot, I lay down for a little bit, because I feel tired and weak. And didn't expected that it turn to fever already XP I ate medicine and get a good rest and sleep :)  Thanks Darling accompany me when I'm sick :3 Love you

P/S: I didn't bring my laptop to travel, I will go to the airport soon. Will be update my travel photo in my instagram(sylviaeaster), my personal facebook(sylvia king), or my fb page(sylvia easter). I will back to blogging after 5/12/2015.   See ya :) 

❤ Group photo after the photoshoot ❤

❤ Tuaran Mee at Likas with Darling. And Tapao for Junbie and Naomi ❤

❤ Darling's favorite ❤

❤ Tiga sumantak di sini bah ❤

❤ 2 for me and 2 for Darling. Thanks wasabie let us eat 4 packs of Maggie ❤

❤ I can't leave my bed. So me and Darling ask for KFC delivery ❤

❤ Watch game Youtube and eat KFC with Darling together ❤

Saturday, November 28, 2015

【20151128】Everyday dating ❤

My hair is getting longer and thick now, so I cut and trim my hair by myself until it look better, make my hair very easy to arrange. It's Saturday! I wish tonight can go to dinner with Darling together. I want to eat spaghetti in The B Side!!! XDDD 

❤ At The B Side. Wearing watermelon shirt bought by Darling ❤

❤ This is Darling's favorite ❤

❤ Oh yeah :) This is mine ❤

❤ Selfie. Love you Darling ❤

❤ After dinner, we look for dessert  ❤

❤ Darling suggest me to put topping. It's colorful XD like how he did to my life everyday ❤

❤ Xmas decoration at Sweet Sensation ❤

Friday, November 27, 2015

【20151127】Look for travel essential

I need go to buy travel essential before my coming trip. Such like, eye drop, solution, facial oil absorbent and etc. I'm looking for travel pack of solution, finally get it today. I also need an eye drop for moisture my eyes all day. Facial oil absorbent is important too, remove all of the oil and dirt on my face during travel.

I really regret to asking for a cup of chattime drink today, because I totally eyes wide open in the middle of the night =.= ||| Only I can do is watch YouTube until I get tired and go to sleep like 4:15AM. And wake up by 10AM+ this morning. Goshh.... chattime and ochado please go away.... I really need a beauty sleep.

❤ Cute ❤

❤ This thing make me can't sleep in the middle of the night ❤

❤ Shopping ❤

❤ I just sit and eat popcorn only ❤

❤ So cute zodiak cartoon :) Well, actually I can calm down very quick ❤

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