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Sunday, August 21, 2016

【20160821】Group Photo. Thanks for invite us - Happy Birthday

Yesterday go to attend James Wong's birthday party :) Thanks for invite us. Dinner is very delicious :)' And I love BBQ ♡ chit chat and play around. Taka, which is James's gf is very lovely and sweet :3 She prepare a lot of thing and planing for her bf birthday. Awww... so sweet :3 Meet a lot of new friends, you guys are amazing :) The yellow shirt girl that one ask my age ~  lol XD I let her guess my age and her answer is I'm 23 :p  actually I'm old already XD HAHAHA!! Thanks saying me young ♡♡♡

♡ Group Photo. Thanks for invite us ♡

♡ We wish you Happy Birthday ♡

♡ Group photo ♡

♡ Sweet gf :3 Happy Bday ♡

♡ Dinner and chit chat together ♡

♡ New video in my Youtube :) You can check it out ♡

♡ I want to catch you!!!!!!!!! ♡

♡ Thanks for the support :) Very appreciate that ♡

Saturday, August 20, 2016

【20160820】原来网红跟网红会有不合的一天 0.o"

原来网红跟网红会有不合的一天 0.o"  I thought famous bloggers are harmony and very best friend. I just curious and I didn't mean anything. Although I don't know anything.... I just wish this world is peaceful. Please don't argue and fight :( 

♡ So many news about DLCW today :) ♡

Friday, August 19, 2016

【20160819】Pikachu ! You are SO CUTE! ♡

I finally catch Pikachu ^3^ You are so cute ♡♡♡♡

It's Thursday :) It's time go to Darling's house to take dinner with his family member :) chit chat and watching TV. And me and Darling go to get ready tonight go to catch pokemon at Shangri-La resort Tanjung Aru ♡ Bad weather :( it's raining.... HAIZ!!! But we still can catch pikachu :3

♡ Pikachu ! You are SO CUTE! ♡

♡ Thanks for the dinner! 
Thanks Darling's grandma and thanks Darling's family member♡

♡ Eating fruit. Thanks Darling's mum ♡

♡ I always saw you and I can't catch you! Today it's my day!! Finally can catch you ♡

♡ Go Go pokemon hunter :3 ♡

♡ Many pokestop here :) ♡

♡ Finally can catch you today!!!  ♡

♡ Pikachu :3 I love you ♡

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