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Monday, September 19, 2016

【20160919】Recently busy a bit ^^"

Hello Monday :) It's time to filming a new Youtube video. Recently I'm busy a bit ^^" hope my followers can wait for my new video. Before that, I have a meeting with my sis, and we are waiting for the parcel at the same time. The parcel is super heavy 0.o" OMG glad that we can move to the car successfully hehe. Tomorrow I have meeting also, I will try to edit my new video tonight, upload and scheduled by tomorrow as soon as I can :)

♡ Unboxing :) ♡

♡ Our stock is here now ♡

♡ Take lunch with my sis today ♡

Sunday, September 18, 2016

【20160918】Take Breakfast ♡

Happy Sunday to everyone! How you guys doing today? Today Darling bring me to Sakagura Japanese restaurant ~ The food is HEAVEN! It's AMAZING as always! :3 Totally is 5 star Japanese restaurant in town!

Forget about diet^^ I know I keep saying that I want to diet last time, and now I regretted :( I think I should continue to be chubby and look COMEL ^^  "Thin" is making you look OLDER, which is NO GOOD :/ I want my chubby face back ~ Amen !

♡ Thank you Darling bring me take breakfast at Sakagura Japanese Restaurant ♡

♡ Their food is heaven and amazing. Teriyaki chicken rice ♡

♡ Darling feel crazy. This one is very yummy too ♡

♡ Itadakimasu ♡

♡ Just walk around at the Oceanus shopping mall ♡

♡ HAHA ^^ 假假的吧? ♡

♡ Grab dinosaur egg with Darling ♡

♡ Thanks for the dinner :3 ♡

♡ 我总觉得做么reply不完 ^^" I need to ganbatte ♡

♡ However, thanks for the support :)  ♡

Saturday, September 17, 2016

【20160917】Selfie and try the app :P HAHA!!

You try 美颜相机 app already? ^^ Go try it today! It so fun! It can turn your face to cute face ^^" it look funny somehow ~ but my face shape and chin look so weird ^^" My friend say I look a baby and it doesn't look weird at all. I think Ok Ok lah ^^" 

♡ Selfie and try the app :P HAHA!! ♡

♡ Sugar Bun!!! Faster give me my yummy food now!!! ♡

♡ Finally I got you!!!  ♡

♡ When my Darling come to Sugar bun ........... ♡

(The expression is definitely same like me ^^)

♡ I try another photo! Haha. Wasabie look so pretty! ♡

♡ Wa! Aika look pretty here!!  ♡

♡ This photo is make me laugh until stomach pain LOL~~~ XD ♡

♡ Look so funny XD So many ppl respond after I post in my FB ♡

♡ My face look weird leh ^^" My sister is pretty than me ♡

♡ What the...!! My face look like a alien!! XD  My sis face look different too! Haha♡

♡ I already try to reply all the massage :) 
Mostly they are my Youtube's subscribers. Thanks a lot for the support me. ♡

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