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Thursday, July 28, 2016

【20160728】Move time ♡

I must watch Jason Bourne movie ♡.♡ I watched the trailer, I was like OOHHH!!! MUST WATCH! MUST WATCH!  Today I go to meet the tenant who rent my house for years, and want to discuss with me. Glad that it already solve and make sure pay me rent on time, thank you.


♡ booking movie tickets ♡

♡ Itadakimasu ♡

♡ Darling found and share this pic from FB XD  I LOVE IT ♡

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

【20160727】Just in case I forgot again :3

My hand is getting painful since yesterday, actually yesterday more worse. And today I feel more better. My hand pain because of the injection at the clinic by Monday. Don't worry, I'm fine :) Today go to the bank doing something. As usual, I must take photo which floor I parking my car XD haha! Just in case I forgot again, so HEHEHEHE!!!

♡ Level 2 :) ♡

♡ Wait for my turn ♡

♡ Tonight accompany my Darling go to mopchop. And I go to buy my favorite waffle :3 ♡

♡ I love waffle ♡

♡ My friend share this in the FB XD I want go there someday ♡

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

【20160726】 I love my bed :3

Got a few people tell me in private that I suppose to change my blanket ^^" But I love my blanket, I don't know why. I love it so much ^3^ It comfortable and soft. But don't worry, I just order a new blanket  and whole set and they will arrive very soon. Will make video for unboxing and test it :) Make sure subscribe my youtube channel. hehe

♡ I love my bed ♡

Every time we go out for dinner, Darling will ask me which restaurant I want to go,
but I will ask him back which restaurant and food he like to eat XD 
And I wan follow and go his favorite food and restaurant. So we choose here.
We love here so much ♡

♡ Smell so good ♡

♡ Darling's favorite ♡

♡ Itadakimasu ♡

♡ I can't live with you ♡


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