I will be there :) See ya

I will be there :) See ya

Thursday, November 26, 2015

【20151126】I love last minute packing ❤

I'm a weird person :D  I'm very enjoying for last-minute packing for the trip. I don't know why haha. Normally for those people who are last minute packing, you will miss many things, like forgetting to bring a towel, brush teeth or etc. But it won't happen to me XD (High confident) I think maybe I travel often. So I know what I should bring, or shouldn't bring.

Today I do research all the of the shopping malls, which I will go there during the trip. I think research is a very important thing. Because I used to be a lazy person XD It's reminding me of last time, I go to a place, which I never research before. When my partner asks me :"Where you want to going?". I was like :"Just walk and see which shop I like." lol ~ actually it kinda waste time. So you will to do research before the trip ;)

❤ Packing ❤

❤ 5 years ago of me :) ❤

❤ Chatting with Darling's family :) And dinner together ❤

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

【20151125】Visit Wasabie's house and saw a Xmas tree ^__^

Suddenly I have many idea pop out in my head about my new video. I make a long of script, and I try to think how to make my video look fun, creative and nice. As long as I need to be patience to record everything I want, and it will be ok and fine.

Finally I get my luggage, which is very huge and big. I need a very big luggage to put all of my stuff on it. Small luggage? Seriously? ^^" I don't need a small luggage.

❤ Visit wasabie's house. Yay! Xmas Tree ❤

❤ I pick my favorite color contact lens now ❤
Visit her FB PAGE now 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

【20151124】Spend time for chatting ;)

Recently, I can play with my phone, chatting with friends, and sit on the same place like 1-2 hours. I don't even realize that I could spend hours for chatting with friends XD  I was like, omg. I have many thing to do, but I just spend my time for chatting. Well, actually there's many topic to talk and discus, which is important ;) Somehow, we sharing our opinion and gossiping, like how other girl usually do this too.

Beside that, I just thinking about youtube video. Gain view is my target, I don't want to waste my time for make rubbish video, which end up very poor view...like 300-500 views. If you are a YouTuber too, we must fight for it. Must increase view! Ganbatte!

❤ I wish I can buy this during my coming trip next week ❤

❤ Customer receive parcel from China. Who want to order china item,
please find me now.  ❤

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