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Friday, April 29, 2016

【20160429】It's been 1 year since I live by myself ♡

It's been a year since I live by myself. Whoa! I can't believe that. Certain people might think that I'm just a kid who need someone to take care of. Nah, that proves you are wrong.

I know I can do this, because I know how to take care by myself, which is independence. I still remember when I was a kid. We have a maid who cleaning our house, clothes, room and garden. Somehow, I like to do it by myself more. Like cleaning my own room, washing my own clothes. I don't know why. Sometime I'm princessy, sometime I'm independence. I don't know, you tell me :)

I know I'm so lucky, which I no need to work. Just make Youtube videos, hang out with friends, watching movies, shopping. Cleaning my house, wash my cloth, cooking by myself. Jogging everyday.

Well, I don't know that I can make it to 2 years? Just wait for miracle then. Because we all don't know what will happen in the future yet :) All I need to do just maintain what I am now.

♡ 1 year finally :) ♡

♡ Enjoy English Breakfast Premium Quality tea today
I get it during Australia trip ♡

♡ My pink nail design by Maniqure 
This nail design very match with my laptop :3 ♡

Thursday, April 28, 2016

【20160428】Watch Civil War movie with friends

Finally the day is come. Watching Captain America: Civil War movie tonight ~ Yay!  ♡♡♡♡  Darling is Ironman team, and me? I'm sure is Captain America team :3  What's yours? I love every single scenes of this movie, It doesn't make me feel boring or sleepy. After finished the movie, we didn't realize that it's already 12:20AM ^^" Need to back home early, because tomorrow have to work, right. 

♡ Groupfie time 

♡ I saw my photo in Maniqure's website :3  Wah~! 

♡ Fill a little our stomach at Darling's house before heading to MBO 

♡ urm............ 

♡ As we all know, Chris Evans is very handsome  

♡ Normal look also great ♡

♡I'm winter soldier's fans after watched winter soldier movie ♡

♡ His normal look...whoaaaa...... ♡

♡ I seem like kinda like Vision now
since I saw the scenes during he flirt with the Scarlet Witch :3 
He is so sweet ♡

♡ I love to see both of them :3 Awwww!!!  ♡

♡ His normal look also not bad woh ♡

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

【20160427】Selfie in Cherry Restaurant

My family call my phone in a early morning, which I still sleeping 0.o" They remind me to meet them around 10AM, but I'm late! XD I'm so sorry! But at least I can make it, right :p I didn't take my breakfast at home, so we take our breakfast at Cherry. I want to a heavy breakfast, so I order Curry Mee ♡♡♡♡ Yummy ♡ After settle all the work. I heading to Karamunsing by myself :p I'm looking for a software for my laptop. I wanna try and learn something new to upgrade myself. So yeah :) Wish me luck then.

It's time to make a video for Maniqure :) I will upload it tomorrow.

♡ Selfie in Cherry restaurant ♡

♡ I really need a cup of coffee in every morning :p ♡

♡ CURRY my favorite ♡

♡ Good quote from Cai Kang Yong's instagram ♡

♡ Breakfast menu from Cherry♡

♡ Fill my stomach and hwaiting!!! ♡

♡ A few people notice that my voice is different than before,
Yes, btw I upgrade my microphone already ♡

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