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Friday, May 27, 2016

【20160527】I will go to Pos Laju and get you. Wait for me :3

My 代言产品 is failed deliver to my house ^^" I just receive this yesterday, so today I need go to Pos Laju for a while and take the parcel as soon as possible. Somehow I feel so excited to try out :3 Because it is a product and I'm very curious try it and I will make video to show to you all.

I get inspired by Youtube cooking video that all about healthy food. Breakfast, lunch or dinner etc. I hate it at the first time, because I hate vege alot. I only at meat. And now, I don't know what was wrong with me. I just go to grocery and buy vege and fruit 0.o" What the hell....

And now I start to eat more vege. Well, healthy is very important. So I'm pretty sure that there is nothing wrong. There is only thing that I just change my mind very quick ^^" Haha. Oh well. huhu.

♡ I will go to Pos Laju and get you. Wait for me. ♡

♡ Waiting them go to take my parcel 
And then they will call my name♡

♡ Reached home. And Yay! I got it! I will open the parcel tonight. 
But first, I need go to inform the seller that I just received it and say TQ :3 ♡

♡ The vege and fruits that I just talk about ♡

Thursday, May 26, 2016

【20160526】Payday :)

It's payday :) Thank you Youtube/Google. And all of my subscribers, without you guys...I'm not here today. Although I have been through a hard time before I get this good result, but it still worth. I'm not regret making videos, teaching or entertain my viewer. However, I need to work hard and try something new. Let's do it !

♡ Glad that RHB can help me process the WU ♡

♡ After I found a parking, I will always remember to take photo. 
So that I can remember where is my car ♡

♡ Waiting for my turn ♡

♡ Thanks for the dinner :)  ♡

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

【20160525】Surprise Wasabie ^___^

Surprise plan by Darling and me :3 Glad that she like it. I got record video and upload in Wasabie's fb timeline, you can see her surprise and shock face in the video :p I was like...hehehehe!! So fun! Actually I very nervous that time, I don't know why XD Maybe I'm too excited or I scare the surprise plan fail, that's why me nervous than her. Haha. But glad that it going very smooth and successful  :)

♡ Darling pay the bill. Thank you. I will treat you dinner next time ♡

♡ On the way to Imago with Darling ♡

♡ At Ebizou :) ♡

♡ Finally all foods are here :3 ♡

♡ Itadakimasu :3 ♡

♡ After finished our dinner, the waitress send the dessert to Wasabie. 
And we all sing bday song. If want to watch the video, please go to her FB ♡

♡ Happy birthday to Wasabie ♡

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