Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to use False eyelashes Clip

I want to show you guys right now! teach you how to wear beautiful false eyelashes! You don't know how to do? ok let me teach u :) First maybe you can try to use the false eyelashes clip 1st

Grab it at Princess Street friendster Online

I took this photo to show u guys that I found this in the VIVI magazine DECEMBER 2008, it seem like a famous item, what r u waiting for?:)

Very easy to use :)
Or maybe you are pro in wearing false eyelashes then you no need to buy the clip~Well... you have pretty eye then you MUST WEAR A PAIR OF COLOR CONTACT LENS!!

Actually not green:) its look like brown

GEO, NEO contact whatever lens , you can buy it thru internet~ (Once again..plz careful of scammers)

I have create new poll in my blog :) pls vote what u want to know about me and I will post it as soon as possible~ see you again MUAH!

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