Sunday, April 19, 2009

假发 Wigs♥

齐刘海可拨斜2侧有层次包脸超修脸芭比卷 . 长约75CM

call me wig collector~ ^_^
I have 5 wigs now
I want to buy more if I have money~
some is my friend give me as a present~

1) long curl (light brown)
2) short (light brown)
3)long curl (light brown)
4)long straight (Blonde)
5)long straight (light brown)

I love wigs~ coz
no need spend time to arrange your real hair, I wear wig immediately after make-up~
wig look pretty than real hair~ ofcoz real hair is natural beauty
hair is woman's life, but if wear wig will make u look more prefect..!!
you can try it too, and you will know it~


日系时尚长假发 随性波浪魅力卷发


♥♥How to care your wigs♥♥


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