Sunday, April 19, 2009

假发 Wigs♥

齐刘海可拨斜2侧有层次包脸超修脸芭比卷 . 长约75CM

call me wig collector~ ^_^
I have 5 wigs now
I want to buy more if I have money~
some is my friend give me as a present~

1) long curl (light brown)
2) short (light brown)
3)long curl (light brown)
4)long straight (Blonde)
5)long straight (light brown)

I love wigs~ coz
no need spend time to arrange your real hair, I wear wig immediately after make-up~
wig look pretty than real hair~ ofcoz real hair is natural beauty
hair is woman's life, but if wear wig will make u look more prefect..!!
you can try it too, and you will know it~


日系时尚长假发 随性波浪魅力卷发


♥♥How to care your wigs♥♥


Monday, April 13, 2009

My hair model photo shoot

Wake by 7Am, go to citymall starbuck coffee by 10:15AM
Today we have three person doing our hair model
I do make up for all models... photo shoot studio by gerry kong
Yes, just three of us only, coz the other dont want to join for some reason
I'm happy we doing well for the hair and photo shoot today

My supermodel! Emylia...!!
thanks kervin help me arrange her hair while photo shoot
I'm tired coz wear high heel whole day

I do make-up for the models... very tired and enjoy^_^
~take ss pic in-front mirror~

from left, Leslie's model
centre is my model
and the right chiu ling' model

After the photo shoot..I went to damai station
RM40+ 奖励自己~ 呵呵

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