Tuesday, February 23, 2010

【彩色隐形眼镜】GEO Lens - Angel 15.5mm

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Angel Blue CM-832 



  Angel Grey CM-835



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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reunion Gathering 1987 Tuaran chai

Attending reunion~  location is Promenade Buffet Hotel, we hav 25 + ppl, booking 4 tables of us , I miss them so much!!! T_T Long time no see, Long time no chat! Ohw ofcoz I love buffet so much, I love the cake and ice cream! I don't like the soup..nyhahaha!! XD aiksss.. you guys tall already...leng zai leng lui already... my body still look like that.. i mean I'm short and mini size >_< HAHA yes like chiwawa, never grow up one, but I still talk active, like to laugh =D  I love this gathering so much, i will never forget T_T Friendship Forever

Tiger in Promenade~ My dress also buy from wisma 

 Lo pei yee and Charlyn Ten 
Two sui za bo  ^_^ 

Yancy Chau and Julita kwan 

 Come eat !! =D


 many people


 NYAMMM CAKE desu  ~~ 

 Julita, katherine, felicia and me

Felicia, katherine, Julita, Wong pui yin, Pei yee
Me, Sanny and Charlyn

 Ku chuen yn, Ku siah her and me
Jimmy Lim, Pei yee and Charyln

 Me, Chung jia yii, Lee, Foo, Moo, Yancy, Ryan and  正安

Friendship Forever 

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