Thursday, January 3, 2013

【視頻】Valeria Lukyanova Make up tutorial

Valeria Lukyanova Make up tutorial 

After a few days since uploaded this video, I sent a video respond to Valeria Lukyanova's Youtube and she approve it! very big surprise for me because

I send a Video Respond to Michelle Phan but she never approve it and Jarmaine too!
*My Michelle phan makeup inspired video [here].    
*My Jarmaine makeup inspired video [here]

I don't know why lar. A Star or Celebrity should't be so arrogant lor. Even Top and Famous Blogger from Singapore XIAXUE also LIKED my Makeup tutorial video of her lar 0.o 
*My Xiaxue Makeup video [here]

Everyone said Xiaxie so mean but I think she's sweet lor.  Its probably MP and Jarmaine are very busy so didn't see my video respond, I think they are pending, nvm then.

Since then, today I saw my e-mail inbox has so many subscribers notification from Youtube. I go check it out and I saw the Barbie Russian celebrity, Valeria Lukyanova leave comment on my video!

*click to enlarge it

Although I don't have a huge number of views(still counting) But I got many subscribers now because of her!  Big thanks to her, I LOVE YOU Valeria Lukyanova! 

Oh. Because of her. Haters of her come to my youtube and start leave nasty comment ~ GOSH! x_x deleted~ deleted~ removed~ removed~ buehh!! I wish my youtube partner career can going well and smooth. Wish me luck! Share my youtube to your friends.


Bah... apa lagi 0.o Valeria Lukyanova subscribed my Youtube channel ! T_________T THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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